Digital Audio with an Analog Heart

It's the 21st Century and there's no escaping the fact that our music is going to live in a digital format.  This doesn't mean we have to deprive our musical creations of the myriad analog processes that have been staples of music production over the last century.  Our hybrid mixing setup will enable you to take advantage of all the tools that our Digital Audio Workstation has to offer, while keeping your mix in the analog domain with as little digital conversion as possible.


Whether you want to do a 64 analog track mixdown of something that was created entirely inside your computer, or you'd like to incorporate VSTs onto a few tracks of your otherwise analog signal chain, we will work with you to achieve the results you are looking for.

Audio Engineering

Video Editing & Production

Session Tracking


The digital brains of our workstation is an 8-core Mac Pro tower, tricked out to the max with a variety of tweaks and upgrades designed to facilitate the audio/video editing process.



Steinberg's Cubase Pro v8.5 serves as our primary editing platform.  We've found it to be the most musician-friendly of the DAWs we have on-hand, and have it configured so that you'll be able to jump right into our workflow regardless of your level of studio expertise.

Tascam DM-4800 Digital Console

Our bridge between the analog and digital domains, this machine gives us 24 high quality analog preamps and up to 64 channels of analog<>digital conversion into or out of the DAW.


Crest Century VX Analog Console

This legendary beast has 24 input channels seamlessly linked into the DM-4800 so that digital projects can be mixed completely in the analog domain.  It also provides an additional 24 recording preamps that can be used in a multitude of creative ways.


In addition to the dozens of Crest and Tascam preamps integrated into our console, we have a great assortment of new and vintage preamps to suit any number of recording preferences.  Neve, Sunn, Carvin, Ampeg, Tech21, ART, and FMR are a few of the manufacturers included in our collection.


Moog Modular Station

It's very cool and it might make you wet yourself.


In addition to our prefered platform of Cubase Pro 8.5 we are equipped to run Logic X, Logic 9, Garage Band, Adobe Audition, and Reaper, as well as older versions of Cubase.



We have an immersive Adobe Premiere Pro editing station with several experienced editors on staff.  We take as much pride in our video work as we do in our audio, and would love to make your next commercial or music video.


Various Multimedia

From DVD to authoring to album artwork, we have a full complement of Adobe tools and utlities at our disposal to help make your project complete.  While music is our passion we are no strangers to the peripheral needs of making and promoting an album, and can accompany you every step of the way.