GoodFlowProductions is a high fidelity project studio located in downtown Asheville, featuring a cutting end combination of analog and digital production tools.  Below is a brief overview of our rates, but we understand that every porject is unique and what you're looking for might not fit into one of these categories. Call us for a friendly chat and we'll plan your project  from start to finish.

TRACKING: sliding scale

This grants you full use of everything that our studio has to offer.  One of our expert engineers will be on hand to offer as much or as little assistance as you like, and we will take care of all of the technical needs so that you can focus on making music.

MIXING: call to discuss

Once everything is tracked we will mix your project to completion at a significantly reduced rate.  While many studios are content to charge the same rate for tracking and mixing, our philosophy is to provide you with the best value on the market.  Since mixing requires significantly fewer resources than tracking, we pass the savings on to you.

MASTERING: priced per project

The final step in prepping your project for release, and the best value from GoodFlowProductions.  This rate is for both digital and analog, as well as hybrid mastering.  All tracks that were mixed with us receive a 50% discount on mastering.

Video Editing: priced per project

From motion graphics for your YouTube videos to expert editing of your latest film, we have the expertise and equipment to meet your needs.  Our state of the art editing platform rivals that of major network television stations, and our diverse roster of video editors bring a wealth of experience from every corner of the film industry.  We also offer a variety of pre-production services, contact us to chat about your project and we'll help you plan it from start to finish.